Concept behind “fischer’s lagerhaus”
Trends and fashions change. However, one trend has remained consistent for many years, namely to individually design your own home as a private space and as a place of retreat. fischer’s lagerhaus would like to contribute to the latter with its unique range of products. We offer items of furniture and selected additional products at currently thirteen sites to people who like our expression, seek constant quality and attach importance to good value for money: products and lifestyles from faraway lands.

Development over the past few years
It has been 18 years since we founded the company and opened our first shop and a lot of things have happened since that time: purchasing directly in our reference countries suffered several setbacks in the early years. Nevertheless, our range of products has been able to grow significantly over the last months compared to the first years. Those customers, who have known and visited us over the many years, will confirm this.

With keenness to experiment and mobility, we have been able to make a name for ourselves since the company was established. Our sea container imports with constantly unusual products, which are currently announced on twice a monthly basis, contribute significantly to the success of the fischer’s lagerhaus concept.
Moreover, we are continuing to expand. In 2014 we successfully opened a new outlet at Heidelberg.